Home Devotion 6/01/21

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    1. Pastor Staci mentioned that one of the fundamental truths that we believe as a church is that the Holy Spirit is something to be desired and that we as believers should expect the baptism of the Holy Spirit. She also said that before she understood what that could look like, she was not so sure she should even go back to church let alone desire that! Before Jesus ascended to heaven, he told the disciples that he was sending the helper and the helper couldn’t come until Jesus was gone. The helper is the Holy Spirit and He is a gift from God until we can be with him again in heaven. Do you desire the baptism of the Holy Spirit? If you have never experienced the baptism of the holy spirit, pray to God about this and be expecting to receive it.

    2. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit dwells inside of us once we become believers and because of this we are empowered to do God’s work. It isn’t natural for us on our own to have a heart to seek out people that don’t know Jesus. We are pretty self-centered creatures and to think outside of ourselves is not necessarily our default. When we believe in Jesus and have the Holy Spirit, God gives us a new heart and a new mind and new desires as well. He gives us new dreams, purpose, aspirations, and direction. That is part of the work of the Holy Spirit when we feel those promptings. If you are a believer, how have you responded to those promptings? Do you notice them, do you leave time during prayer for listening? I encourage you as a family to pray for God’s will and for God to speak to you about the plans that He has for you. Take some time after asking to spend listening for His response.

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