Home Devotional 3/16/21

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

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    As Christians we all have a calling and a purpose. We are called to be a living example of Jesus to those around us, and leading those around us in LOVE to a relationship with him. Have you ever specifically talked to God about your purpose?

    Now maybe you’re watching this and you don’t feel you have a close relationship with God. One of the ways that we can discover our purpose in life is by drawing close to the one that created us. If God created us then surely He knows what our purpose is here on Earth. What is one thing holding you back from pursuing a relationship with God?

    Pastor Jason shared a personal struggle with becoming comfortable.
    As in his case comfort breeds complacency. The first word in the great commission Jesus left us with is the word, “Go!” What is one action that you can take to deepen your relationship with God so that you can begin to walk out your God given purpose?

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