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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

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    First off I want to say there is victory in the name of Jesus Christ. Whatever difficult situations we find ourselves in from addiction, marital problems, parenting issues, financial issues, and so on, when we put our trust in God completely we will see him move in our lives. This is true in all situations now matter how big or small. Maybe you are just starting your relationship with him and you feel like there’s no way way God can fix your situation, we want to encourage you that this is one of the biggest lies used by satan to keep us trapped in our bad situation. God loves you and wants to gift you freedom through his mercy. God works for the good in all things for those who are called by his name. What is one area in your life today that you can identify that you need freedom from or God’s help working through?

    We have all at some point felt like the odds were against us. Maybe you are feeling this way right now. Whatever situations we find ourselves in, we can rest in knowing that even though we feel there is no way that a situation could get any better, we serve a God of impossibilities who always has a plan. Have you ever found yourself in a situation were you felt like the odds were stacked against you and there was seemingly no way out? How did God move in that situation?

    Like Pastor Staci, we all have a testimony or a story about how Jesus came into and changed our lives forever. By sharing our testimonies we can empower those around us and show how God has moved in our situations and how he wants to do the same for them. What’s your Story? What area of your life have you seen the transformation of a bad situation in only a way that God could get all the glory? I want to challenge you to share your story and to ask God to give you opportunities to do so throughout your week. If you don’t know what I’m talking about and you have never experienced God move in your life or don’t have a relationship with Jesus, let today be the first day.

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