Home Devotional 3/30/21

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

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    1. Jason talked about making a list of priorities in our lives. Have you ever thought about your life and what that list of priorities looks like?b Challenge yourselves and each other. First make a list of what gets the most of your time or focus. Be honest. Then create a new list putting God at the top of your list and take small steps everyday to actively make that list a reality.

    2. To touch on the previous question: is there one particular thing in your life that you notice takes up too much of your time, attention, or even your resources? (an Idol) Ask God to help you shift your focus back to him to him in every way. If you can’t think of anything, ask God to reveal it to you and help you to draw closer to him. we can never have too much of God.

    3. instead of trying to incorporate Jesus into our lives, we are called to die to our self and surrender our lives to be completely used by Jesus. Practice being “Others’ focused to help remove a self-focused mind set.

    What is one way you can show love to somebody this week? Challenge each other to do this and hold each other accountable! Watch how God uses obedience to bless you and others!

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