Home Devotional 4/27/21

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    1. Before Jesus really got started with his ministry, he spent 40 days fasting, spending time with the Father so that he would be ready. In fact, the Bible says that the spirit led Jesus into the wilderness to do so. Whether we are parents or not, as believers we can’t disciple others as we are called to do unless we are also getting alone and spending that much needed time with Jesus. What do you do individually to get alone with God each day? If you don’t take time with God every day, make today the first day and just get started!

    2. Pastor Jason mentioned how important it was as parents to be examples to our children throughout the week as well as on Sunday to reflect Jesus in all parts of our lives. Whether you are a parent or not, people are watching your life if they know you are a believer. What choices do you make to be that example? What parts of your life look different than others around you that don’t know Jesus?

    3. Personal time with Jesus is so important for us, but so is a family devotion time. If you are personally in a relationship with Jesus, spending time with him throughout the day, and making choices to honor God with your life, those are all important things we can do to build our own personal relationship with Jesus. In addition to that, though, Jason talked about the great commission where Jesus said to take the gospel to everyone. That applies to our own homes as well and setting aside time to lead our families into spending time with God is one of the best ways we can help them establish and build relationships with Jesus as well. Do you have a time throughout the week that you spend together as a family praying and spending time in God’s word? If you don’t, once again make this week the start. God wants us to know him and in his own words, if we seek him we will find him!

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