Home Devotional 5/25/21

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

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    1. Our culture really does not prioritize the idea of rest. In fact, I think we all feel constant pressure from many directions at any point in our day to be make sure we are being productive or checking off a to do list whether we’re at home or work. This can cause burn out in whatever roles you have in your life because God didn’t create us to be over tired robots! In fact, God even set the example by resting on the Sabbath after creating the world. Do you notice that you aren’t necessarily your best self when you don’t get a break? Do you set aside time throughout your week to ensure that you have rest periods?

    2. Pastor Jason mentioned that busy-ness can really be a tool of the enemy to keep us from spending time with God that is so so important. If Satan can keep us busy, we don’t even notice sometimes that he is keeping us from praying, spending time in the word, and ultimately making time to focus on God throughout our days. We have to protect our time with God and make sure that we prioritize time set aside for prayer and reading the Bible. What are some ways you can safe guard your devotion time? Do you have times set aside for these things?

    3. In Luke Chapter 10, we learn about Mary and Martha hosting Jesus as a guest in their home. As for us reading the story it would be a no brainer, of course we would be at Jesus feet hanging on every word he says! Or would we? Are we doing that now? We have full access to talk to God at any point in the day. He wants to say things to us too, but if we are too busy and never taking time to be quiet and still, how can we be listening to what he is saying? Who do you think you would be in the story? Be honest with yourself and with God. If you haven’t been setting aside that time to spend with God, just tell God you’re sorry that you haven’t but that you want to start today!

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