Home Devotional 5/4/21

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

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    1. One of the greatest influences we have on our children, especially when it comes to their salvation, is the way we live at home. As a Christian parent, there is no greater feeling when your children develop a personal relationship with Jesus. One of the way he can help develop that relationship is by living out loud! As a parent, we need to be the example of what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Take a moment to reflect on what kind of example you are setting? Do your children see you growing and developing your personal relationship with Jesus? If you don’t have children, people around you are still watching your life, especially if they know you’re a believer. Do the people around you see you living your faith out loud?

    2. Pastor Staci used the example of how as a children’s pastor, she only gets 3 hours a week to teach our children about God and his plans for their lives. Church is so important for our children, but our home lives are even more important for laying the foundation for them to develop their own personal faith. What ways can you incorporate planned times devoted to praying together, talking about God, and spend time reading the Bible? Do you talk about church service after you leave on Sunday’s and Wednesdays? Are

    3. Staci and Mazy talked about how they choose to react when hard situations come up in their home. We as parents have a responsibility to be an example not only spiritually, but also in how we handle difficult situations. How do you tend to reacted in difficult or stressful situations? Is it with an attitude of faith and trusting God? If not, discuss a plan to consciously decide to shift the focus to God when hard things happen.

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